New Century Corporation is an electric power equipment manufacturer engaged with professional research, development and sale for composite cable conduits. The corporation was established in 1999. At present, corporation has become a company of high manufacturing technology, having full facilities of production. The primary manufacturing facilities include all-automatic fiber twister and affiliated equipments.The main products are fiberglass plastic cable conduits of DBS series. The corporation has been enhancing the technical corporation with Shanghai Glass Fiber Institute and Nanjing Glass Fiber Institute after the foundation of corporation. The corporation invited Professor Li Zhuoqiu to be the chief technical advisor, who is a famous expert of composite engineering and the dean of School of Science of Wuhan University of Technology.  Now, corporation have formed integrated system of product development, the producing techniques are the best in this industry.

  DBS cable conduits of fiberglass quartz are produced by advanced computer control system and all-automatic fiber twisting technique, the products are manufactured by twisters only once time, which adequately exerts the capability of pretension of fiberglass. The stiffness and intension of conduits are very good by scientific design.  Our products have already been applied to many electric power constructions, civil infrastructure construction and airport construction. For example. Lots of DBS cable conduits are used in Guangzhou Baiyun airport rebuilding project.

    Hangzhou New Century electric power equipment Corporation established an exacting quality control system, we got IS9002 quality system authentication in July of 2000; DBS cable conduits passed the tests from National Fire Protection Equipment Quality Test Center in 2001. Also, company had already passed the appraisals form the scientific and technological office and the electrical power industry bureau of Zhejiang province in Feb.2002. Corporation is the main sponsor and draftsman of the criterion of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Cable Conduit of electric industry of P. R. China.
    Hangzhou New Century electric power equipment Corporation not only provides great products, but also provides great services: Based on customer’s needs, we have create an integrated service system installation, attachment setup, and post-service.
    At present, the development of science & technology and competition has impelled the economic globalization. Hangzhou new century electric power equipment corporation will follow direction of the times, adapted to needs of modernization, actively participating into domestic and abroad science-technology cooperation and competition. Creating excellent products, building excellent corporation is our goal forever.



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